How to Charge TOZO Earbuds and Case

TWS headsets are very convenient to use, which is why they are breaking sales records and pushing wired counterparts out of the technology market. But due to the lack of cable, this gadget needs to be constantly recharged. This article will tell you how to charge TOZO earbuds, how long the charge lasts, and what to do if you can not restore the battery.

Principle of TOZO Headset Charging

TOZO earbuds are called True wireless. That means that they are completely wireless. You don’t need a cord to charge them. The charging process is done by the case where the device is stored. You must first charge the case using a USB cord or wireless station. Certain TOZO models that support Qi Wireless technology can be recharged from your smartphone using reverse charging.

There is no need to connect the case to a power source frequently: one recharge is enough for 2-3 full charges of the earmolds. With infrequent use, the case can be charged once every few days.

Some users want to know how to charge TOZO headphones without the charging case. We shall tell you right away that it is impossible. Cases from other models won’t fit, and you can’t connect the earmolds directly to a power source because you don’t have the necessary connectors.

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How to Correctly Charge Tozo Earbuds and Case

Let’s look at the way to charge your TOZO buds. The instructions are universal and suitable for all models.

Charging the Case

how long do tozo earbuds take to charge

You need to connect the case to a power source. Then, you can charge the case with or without the earphones. If the earbuds are in a case connected to power, the headphones themselves will be charged at the same time.


What you need to power up the case:

  1. Place the liners inside the case or remove them.
  2. Connect the case to a computer or a power bank using the package’s USB cable. You need a 5V/1A adapter for charging from the wall outlet. Using power adapters with other parameters can be harmful to the device. Instead, we recommend reading an interesting discussion on voltage and power when charging Bluetooth headphones.
  3. Wait until the case is fully charged. It takes about an hour to charge fully. Then, disconnect the case from the power source.

If you have indicators on the charging case, you will see how much battery power is available. For example, the cases from the T10 and T6 models have four LED lights. One lit LED charges up to 25 percent. Two LEDs mean 25 to 50 percent, three mean 50 to 70 percent, and four to 75 to 100 percent.


As noted above, most TOZO models support Qi Wireless technology. It allows you to charge the case wirelessly using a special station. You can easily find wireless charging stations in the brand’s range or buy this accessory from another company. There are also multifunctional stations on the market that allow you to charge several devices simultaneously, such as headphones, smartwatches, and a phone.

The charging process is simple: plug the station into an outlet and put the case with earbuds on it. Wireless charging may take a little longer than wired charging. However, this is an easy way to recharge your headphone case.

Charging the Earpieces

how to charge tozo earbuds without case

Then we move on to the earphones themselves. All you have to do is put them in the case, and they start charging right away. So how do you know if the TWS headphones are being charged? You can tell by the red indicator light. After about 40-45 minutes, charging will be complete, and the red light will turn off. After this time, remove the earmolds and start your normal use.

Please note! While charging, you must not press the control buttons on the earbuds because you won’t be able to connect to the phone afterward.

Now you know how long TOZO earphones take to charge and what you need to charge them. For example, just 40 minutes of charging will give you up to 5-6 hours of battery life.

What to Do if TOZO Earbuds Don’t Charge

Despite the high quality of Bluetooth headphones, sometimes various malfunctions and failures occur. Let’s find out how to solve the problem if the TOZO headphones don’t charge.

  1. Make sure the case is fully charged. If it is in a discharged state, the earmuffs will not be able to recharge. So instead, plug the case into a power source and wait about half an hour. After this time, the headphones themselves will begin to charge.
  2. Check the goodness of the USB cable. If the TOZO charging case does not charge, you should try another cord or use a wireless station. If the problem persists, connect the device to a different power source – for example, use a wall outlet instead of a computer port.
  3. Place the earmolds correctly in the jacks. If the headphones are not inserted correctly in the case, the contacts will not fit. Clean any dirt from the jacks, as the presence of dust or other small particles may interfere with charging.
  4. Reset the TOZO to the factory settings. System failures prevent the headset from functioning properly. We talked about resetting the headphones to factory settings in the article “How to Pair TOZO Earbuds to the Phone“. It can also help to turn off the headset completely and then turn it on or reconnect it to your smartphone.
  5. Contact a service center. Unfortunately, sometimes at home, it is impossible to restore the headphones’ normal functionality. If the earmolds or case do not charge, it may indicate a serious mechanical failure. In this case, you need the help of a qualified specialist from TOZO support. Sometimes, it is no longer possible to subdue the gadget, and it is easier to buy a new device. It is nice that TOZO headphones are inexpensive.


Can I Charge Earbuds and Case at the Same Time?

Yes. You can place the earmolds in the case and connect them to a power source. This will start charging at the same time.

Can Headphones Be Charged by My Smartphone?

It is possible if your phone supports wireless reverse charging. Wired charging is not possible in most cases due to mismatched connectors.

How Do I Power Up My Earbuds From a Power Bank?

You plug the case into a suitable USB port, and it will immediately begin the process of replenishing the charge. The battery capacity of the case is usually small, so even a 5000 mAh external battery will be enough.

What to Do if the Headphones Disconnect From the Phone After Every Charging?

This usually happens if the case or earmolds are completely discharged. The headset completely shuts down and “zeroes out”, requiring you to re-sync with your smartphone. Make sure not to run out of power completely and put the gadget back on whenever you have 10-15% left. You can find out the remaining charge level after connecting to the phone. The Bluetooth settings usually show the current percentage. Some users prefer to use special applications, but they do not always show the charge correctly + require additional space for installation.

Tozo Support Fast Charging?

Yes, most models support wired or wireless fast charging.

How Many Hours of Battery Life Do TWS Have Together With Case?

It depends on the specific model. Roughly speaking, it takes about 15-20 hours.

Useful Video

Now you know how to charge TOZO headphones and what to do in case of problems. But, of course, you can always ask us for help in the comments if you have any questions. Good luck!

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  1. Hi!
    I absentmindedly left my Tozo’s charging on a wireless base for the weekend. What will happen? Is it dangerous? Will it ruin the battery? Thanks

  2. My T6 case is plugged in to charge. But instead of a slowly flashing white light, the first light is flickering really fast. What does that mean?

  3. Hi Can I charge earbuds without case?…can I purchase a replacement case? I have


    • There are some ways to charge directly, but we don’t recommend it. If the stock case has broken down, consider buying new earbuds. The case costs half the price of your model. If you still want to buy just the case, type “TOZO T6 Charging Case Only” on Google search. Look on the official store, in the charging case section, or on eBay.

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