Why Are My TOZO Earbuds Not Connecting

A wireless headset is an indispensable gadget today. Communicating, working, gaming – they can be used in almost any area of life, even playing sports. But their main advantage – the absence of wires – can sometimes be a significant disadvantage. Yes, we know about the situation when there are unpleasant problems with pairing. So below, we will try to solve the perennial malfunction: why are my TOZO earbuds not connecting to different devices, even if they have Bluetooth?

Connection Problems and Their Solutions

Almost always, the inability to connect is related to the earbuds: Bluetooth on smartphones, tablets, and laptops works steadily and is rarely the cause of failure. But below, we will answer the question that my earbuds do not connect and consider various situations, up to hardware failures, and tell you the main troubleshooting methods.

Dead Battery

The obvious problem is that the earbud’s battery is dead, so they don’t work. This is especially true for new earbuds out of the box – be sure to remove the protective film from the contacts and leave them on charge for at least 30 minutes.

Advice: Choose earbuds with a high-capacity battery like the TOZO T12 Pro or Golden X1. Even in degradation, the decrease in battery life will not be so noticeable and critical.

Connection Conditions Are Not Met

tozo earbud not pairing

They are different for every model. Sometimes you have to take the earbuds out of the case to pair, and sometimes you don’t. You can add pressing the pairing button to the list of conditions. It comes in different physical and touch versions and is located on the earbuds or inside the charging case.

Earbuds Are Not in Pairing Mode

In this case, either the earbuds are not in pairing mode or are already connected and hidden to other devices.

Indicators and sounds that light up when you remove the case’s earbuds do not always indicate that the search mode is activated. It can be a signal of power failure.

How do I make TOZO earbuds detectable? Ensure they are not connected to another device, and read the instructions that always come with TOZO earbuds. If lost, an electronic version is always available.

Hardware Failure of Earbuds

The cause can be in the headset – from a melted wire to a failed board. The difficulty is that understanding the problem without opening the case is impossible. And we strongly advise against doing this if you have an active warranty. It is better to contact TOZO support or the service center.

Tip: choose models with good water protection. This will help keep your TOZO headset from flooding and keep the case sealed against dust particles. We recommend looking at the modern TOZO NC9 Plus and Crystal Buds models.

Hardware Failure of Device

If the earbuds don’t connect only to a specific device, the problem is probably with that device. Usually, repairing and replacing the Bluetooth module is inexpensive, but it depends on your phone’s model.

One Headphone Doesn’t Connect

We already have an article with a solution to this malfunction. And in brief, the main faults of TOZO earbuds when they only connect separately are the following:

  • The earbuds have lost pairing. This is almost always the cause. A simple reconnection will help fix the problem (described below). Causes can range from long continuous pairing to malfunctions or taking the earbuds out of the case too quickly;
  • Dead battery;
  • Mechanical damage.

Pairing TOZO Earbuds

how to put TOZO earbuds in pairing mode

Now we will tell you how to correctly put the TOZO earbuds in pairing mode with different devices.

With Android

With Android smartphones, the connection is usually not tricky: TOZO headset supports one-step pairing, and the phones are equipped with sufficiently good wireless modules.
Pairing works like this:

  1. Open and turn on Bluetooth;
  2. Remove the headset from the charging case;
  3. Find your model in the list of active devices to pair and click “Connect.”

Important: TOZO usually names its models in this format: TOZO “device name”.

You can connect TOZO earbuds to iPad in the same way. The only difference is in the visual interface of the platform: you also turn on Bluetooth and look for the earbuds in the list of active devices.

With Computers and Laptops

Pairing earbuds with a computer is complicated because standard PC assemblies rarely have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules inside. But this is very simple to fix: you buy a Bluetooth adapter in the store, plug it into your PC, and now it can see active devices. Just click on it and select “Connect”.
With laptops, it’s even easier – they have a built-in wireless module. If your computer doesn’t see the device or you don’t have Bluetooth set up – update the drivers for these modules.

With Game Console

How to connect TOZO earbuds to the console? A lot depends on what console you have. For example, PlayStation 4 has built-in Bluetooth (the same problem is still on PS5 and is relevant for other console manufacturers). Still, you cannot connect even the original Sony Gold or Platinum headphones. “The console does not support audio transmission” – such a message appears instead of linking.

There is a way out. There are several ways out:

  1. Use a third-party USB Bluetooth adapter. Of the disadvantages – there may be delays in sound, support for a small number of codecs, incorrect operation of the microphone, and it takes an additional USB socket. However, the above problems are usually found on cheap models, so we recommend buying a suitable adapter with a current version of Bluetooth;
  2. Use a Bluetooth transmitter. This device also allows you to transmit sound, but with limitations. You will have to sacrifice a headset, as sound from the microphone will not be transmitted;
  3. With the joystick. The best solution as it does not require additional expenses and is suitable for the task. But it is not relevant for TOZO wireless models as the headset has to be connected to the gamepad via cable, and the sound and voice will be transferred via Bluetooth between the controller and the console.

Video Guide

This article examined how to synchronize TOZO earbuds with various devices: Apple products, consoles, smartphones, consoles, laptops, and computers. As a result – earbuds can work with virtually any device, and even the lack of Bluetooth is not a serious obstacle. You can always buy a suitable adapter or transmitter, and after spending a little time plugging the devices in, you can enjoy quality TOZO sound on any platform.

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  1. I was forced to update to windows 11 pro from windows 10 pro. One desktop I had to disable the abcrp transport to get them to work. Sound is kind of choppy. Low quality. My windows 11 pro laptop I tried to disable the transport and got a bsod with kernel security error. Why does it work(somewhat)on one and not the other? Please advise. Both systems are fully up to date. Both are Dell machines. The laptop is using a 5.1 Bluetooth USB radio, where the Dell XPS has built in Bluetooth.

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