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Today we have a very interesting and unique model of wireless earbuds, the TOZO A3. In general, A-series headphones are quite specific and ambiguous – the company tries to make the most convenient device for a particular user, for example, for sports. As a result, we get a great device for running for good money, but it isn’t very impressive for calls. With A3 is also not so simple – below, we tell you what distinguishes the model from the rest and whether it is worth your attention in addition to the lightweight and ergonomics inherent in the series.

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A review of TOZO A3 would be incomplete without a comparison with other series models. We already told you about the excellent lightweight headphones TOZO A1 Mini, the key features of which are price and weight of fewer than 4 grams. That’s it – the other elements are secondary, so if you’re looking for a model for running, take a closer look at them. A3 is a little different story – they are also very comfortable and relatively inexpensive but have some cool innovations and advantages, and the problem with the whole line – is the lack of active noise cancellation (noise cancellation call in contrast to the A1 Mini exists!).

First look

The model is very ambiguous. However, you get large 14.2 mm speakers at 3.3 grams per earpiece at an affordable price – an impressive result. There is also an interesting reset feature – a button on the charging case. Nice appearance, ergonomic design, Bluetooth 5.3 – what can spoil this model? We know what – the lack of water and dust protection and active noise cancellation, although calls muffle outside noise when called.

If you are not a fan of morning runs in rainy weather and are looking for earphones for home or everyday use, TOZO A3 is a good choice. But we can’t recommend this model to those who like active rest and long trips – the lack of protection and small battery capacity will quickly eclipse all the advantages and the initial pleasure of use.


The headphones have a vertical shape with all its features – the foot and fixation in the ear. The front part has an angular design, similar to the TOZO NC2 Hybrid model, but it is rather neat – in the same G1, such a solution looks much more aggressive. Also, the front side has a rather minimalistic style – the only thing that catches your eye is the “TOZO” inscription.

On the inside and the side are the holes of the speaker. On foot is again marked with the inscription “TOZO”. Finally, at the bottom are two gold-plated charging contacts and a barely noticeable microphone hole.

That’s all. There are no more important details. The model comes exclusively in white – Amazon and the official site do not specify other colors, but perhaps they will appear in the future.

The charging case is nice and compact. It is nice to hold it in your hands. On the front, there is a big “TOZO” sign. On the bottom is the USB Type-C power connector. The inside of the lid is covered with technical information. The headphone slots are signed.

In general, we like the style of the headphones TOZO A3 – yes, they copy AirPods, but “apple” has a cool and ergonomic design. The TOZO doesn’t try to deceive you – you will immediately realize that it’s not AirPods in front of you but a device with a nice look. If you like the style of Apple earbuds and the Half in-Ear shape, look closely at A3, it is a budget and minimalistic solution with a nice look and sound.


We love water resistance tests of the reviewed headphones – it’s always interesting what this or that model can withstand. But in the case of TOZO A3, we want to warn you immediately – don’t get them wet. They will probably survive a small amount of moisture, followed by drying. But the manufacturer didn’t equip the model with even the simplest waterproof protection, which is typical for the A-series. So you can not take them outdoors in the rain, and even more so in the shower.

Of interesting models with good moisture protection, look out for TOZO T12 Pro and TOZO T6 – they have excellent IPX8 protection and will survive any water test.


What we love about TOZO headphones is their approach to creating comfortable models. Take the super protective TOZO NC9 Plus Hybrid with a case for 120+ hours or the simple but modern Crystal Buds.

The company’s engineers did a lot of research, during which they improved the shape of the headphones for maximum comfort. Also, the changes touched the silicone earmolds, for which the material was selected to reduce the pressure on the walls of the ear.

TOZO A3 has no ear cushions, but it fits well in your ears due to its form factor. If you don’t like the feeling of a foreign body in your ear canal and vacuum headphones aren’t for you, the A3 might be a good option. They are surprisingly lightweight for an upright model and still fit securely in your ears.

Package Contents

The box with the headphones weighs less than 70 grams. So let’s see what TOZO company, by tradition not making too rich kits, put with this model.

Inside is a user manual, earbuds, a charging case, and a USB Type-C cable. Unfortunately, the lack of a case with silicone interchangeable ear cushions significantly reduced the weight. However, the Type-C line is generally good quality and does its job.


The model sounds decent. It’s all about large stereo speakers – 14.2 mm. In principle, such a diameter is rare in headphones, let alone in budget ones. As a result, thanks to its physical size, the A3 can easily handle the full range of frequencies.

TOZO uses ORIGX acoustic technology. Little is known about it, but the manufacturer describes it as some collection of settings to optimize the sound with low-frequency compensation. As a result, we get a device with almost no drawbacks, considering the price. Excellent bass, decent midrange, and great treble – if you are looking for exactly the sound and the rest is not important, this is one of the best options in this segment.

The wireless earbuds app TOZO Sound, on Android and iOS, does not support this model. It’s sad, but for the sake of truth, the official app is far from perfect, and a third-party equalizer would be an even better solution.


There is no active noise cancellation, but you can still call on the street. All thanks to DSP technology. This noise-canceling mode will turn on during the conversation and cut off unnecessary sounds while amplifying your voice.

Let’s not say much – the A3 handles call well, and the person you’re talking to hears you perfectly. Of course, you’ll listen to worse, but the voice call quality is still good unless you’re standing next to running engines or highways.


Pairing wireless headphones with any Bluetooth device is standard:
– Turn on Bluetooth on your device;
– Take the headphones out of the case;
– Find in the list of active “TOZO-A3” and connect.

That’s it – now the headphones are ready to go. They only need to be connected once, thanks to a one-step pairing. Then they will find the right device. If you need to reset, the charging case has a reset button. No phantom triggers or disconnects were noticed.


Useful features and innovations:

  • Stable and up-to-date Bluetooth 5.3 version;
  • Touch control;
  • Fast and wireless charging;
  • Call noise cancellation;
  • Active voice prompts;
  • One-step pairing;
  • Work as a pair or one at a time while the other charges.


Overview of TOZO A3 headphone touch control (front panel touch):

  • 1 touch: start/pause, accept/reset incoming call (“L” and “R”);
  • 2 taps: next “R” and previous “L” track from the playlist;
  • 3 taps: voice assistant (“L” and “R”);
  • Tap and hold: end call, decrease “L” and increase “R” sound.

Earbuds and Case Battery Life

The battery life is disappointing. The earbuds last 5+ hours on a single charge but at 50% maximum volume. The case is nice, provides 4 more full charges from 0, and gives up to 22 hours of audio listening.

Fast and wireless charging is supported using separately purchased chargers such as TOZO W3 Mini Wireless Charger. Ten minutes on fast charging will give you up to an hour and a half of listening to music, but at 50% volume.

Bottom line: these headphones’ battery life is not great, as they last less than 8 hours. For home use and walking, the charge is enough, and in critical situations, you can use one earphone while the other is charging.

8.4Expert Score
Our review of TOZO A3 headphones, despite the obvious and serious disadvantages like autonomy, protection, and noise cancellation, will still be positive. The model is specially designed for home use, walks, and calls. If your goal is to buy universal headphones or for sports, they are not suitable. Look for other models in this price range, like the TOZO NC7.
  • Large 14.2mm speaker
  • Comfortable Half in-Ear shape
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Noise cancellation call
  • Earpiece weight 3.3 grams
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Battery life
  • No water protection

Additional information

Specification: TOZO A3 Wireless Earbuds

Full Name

TOZO A3 Wireless Earbuds

Model Number




Connection Type


Noise Cancelation

Call noise reduction

Protection Class


Control Type

By touch

Charge Mode

Wireless, wired

Quick Charge

Using a cable with a compatible fast charger

Battery Life

5+ hours of battery life on a single charge and an additional 22 hours using the charging case

Charging Jack

USB Type-C

Case Dimensions

3.03 x 2.99 x 1.46 inches


2.39 ounces

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