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Today let’s make a review for good wireless earbuds TOZO T12 combine adequate functionality and affordable price. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the manufacturer’s logic, which produces two similar models, but one of them has the prefix “PRO” but at the same time is not a clear favorite – this is not the case, “PRO” is better.

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In this article, we will consider the differences between the models and the problems of TOZO T12, as well as go through the various aspects in detail to understand who these headphones are designed for and whether it is worth the expense of buying them.

First Look

If you are a little familiar with TOZO brand products, the T12 will immediately surprise you with its size. The charging case here is quite big; the company did not try to save space. However, this is easy to justify: the headphones have a large speaker unit and a high-capacity battery case. Unlike the A1 Mini, this model is not trying to seem small – on the contrary, quality is behind it. Sound, water resistance, and ergonomics are all top-notch here. You can use them as basic headphones at home and as a walking option for morning jogs, trips to the store, and listening to music in transport. And all for more than a reasonable price.

As for the sound – it’s good even in the regular version, in the “PRO” is almost perfect for its price. Of course, there is no sense in overpaying for home headphones if you need them, but if you like sports or talking on the street in wet weather, then yes, you can’t do without TOZO T12 PRO.


tozo t12 wireless earbuds review

Let’s start our review of TOZO T12 wireless headphones with their appearance. You can order the model in many colors: black, blue, red, beige, and pink. However, in my subjective opinion, the most successful colors are black and red. The first is a classic version, and the second looks interesting – the body is bright and light, and the interior trim is made of dark red plastic (this applies to both the headphones and the charging case).

The earbuds are made in the form of vacuum plugs. They look good due to the compact form factor. The outer part, touchpad, and side edges are made of glossy plastic and contrast with the inner matte part. On the side edges, there are holes for microphones.

Also, on the front side, under the sensor, there is a status sensor. We will talk about it in more detail below.

On the inside, the interesting thing, there are three charging contacts. There is also a marking of the left and right earpiece, with a small inscription “TOZO” at the top.

Charging Case

The charging case is small but larger than other models. Here TOZO did not try to save much space, the model is not positioned as a compact sapper, and there is no need for it. However, such a decision allowed to place a small information screen inside the case, where the charge level of the case and each earphone is displayed visually and in percentage, which is very convenient. Previously, this function was performed by four LEDs outside, under the slot for opening the lid, and it was impossible to assess the exact charge level – only approximately. In the T12, one LED shows the device’s status.

The technical information is on the inside of the cover, and it would seem that the outside of the case should not have unnecessary inscriptions, but no. The text is on the bottom of the case and looks neater on the red and beige coloring than on the black one. On top is a large characteristic of the brand, the inscription “TOZO”.

The USB Type-C charging interface is on the back of the case, right in the center.


No matter how comfortable the headphones may be, the model should be equipped with basic protection if you take them for sports or outdoor walks. TOZO T12 offers excellent protection against water and sweat drops thanks to the IPX8 standard. The standard implies operation even after immersion to a depth of 1 m, but we still do not recommend conducting tests specifically, especially after the warranty expiration. You can read more about the standard and the permissible loads here, but one thing is important for the review: the model is excellent for sports and is not afraid of sweat.


tozo t12 review

One of the main features of TOZO, in addition to the affordable price and good quality, is the comfort of the devices produced. Almost all of the brand’s headphones either just fit well in your ears or perfectly. Engineers took the time to develop a design and construction that would work well in a person’s ear. Separately, let’s highlight the silicone earplugs made of a material with low pressure on the ear canal. Thus, TOZO T12 has a comfortable fit, look stylish, and does not squeeze.

Important: The brand originally had models like the A1 Mini, which emphasizes compactness and is designed for people with small ears. But we recommend that you don’t ignore the interchangeable silicone tips in the set and match them to your size. This will increase comfort and make the passive sound insulation more effective, which is important for the TOZO T12 due to the lack of an active system.

Package Set

TOZO does not personalize the models too much in terms of a package. Even the gamer TOZO G1 received a standard set. And it includes a compact box, user manual, separate headphones and a case, a plastic case with five interchangeable silicone earpieces, and a charging cable.

The power supply is not included. You can also pick up a wireless charger as a W1 Matte Black Wireless Charger for the model.

Also, don’t rush to throw away the manual. There is useful information on how to reset the TOZO T12 headphones:

  1. Hold down the earpiece for 5 seconds;
  2. Wait for the red and blue blinking (the status LED under the touch panel);
  3. Press each earpiece twice;
  4. Wait for the purple LED to appear;
  5. Reset to default settings is performed.


These wireless Bluetooth 5.0 headphones boast a modern communication standard with all that it entails and excellent sound quality. But, of course, we only discuss models in this price range, and TOZO T12 surpasses most.

The sound is clear and does not merge into a single stream, even with several vocalists or listening to symphonies. As a reminder, properly matched silicone earmolds make a big difference in the sound. Take the time to do this. Selecting too small can make the sound too directional and tunneling. Larger ones will fall out, and the quality of passive noise isolation will suffer.

If you want the facts, the TOZO T12 has a speaker size of 10mm. As for this size enclosure, this is an excellent result that can physically cover a wide variety of frequency ranges and deliver the desired power.


Some users have had problems with spontaneous “jumping” and disappearing sounds. Usually, a firmware update or factory reset helps. The microphone, in general, is not the strongest point of the earbuds, but it provides good sound transmission. Already a standard phrase: if you use the microphone at home or on the street in windless weather, the interlocutor will hear you. But maintaining a conversation in transport will be much more difficult. However, there is no noise reduction, so that the quality will drop both for you and the interlocutor.

We also do not advise using it as a working headset – 6 hours of battery life makes it inconvenient to use TOZO T12. You must constantly think about recharging.

TOZO T12 is a modern model and supports all necessary functions. So you can use the headphones separately – even in headset mode. They are not connected and can work independently of each other.


how to pair tozo t12 earbuds

How do I connect the TOZO T12 earbuds? It’s easy – thanks to one-step pairing technology, you have to take the headphones out of the case and connect them to your Bluetooth device. If there is no sound or only one earphone works, do not rush to do a reset. Instead, repeat the procedure, and usually, everything works. These failures are extremely rare and typically occur when the headphones have been pulled out of the case before turning Bluetooth on the smartphone.

Important: The headphones will also work with older versions of Bluetooth, but it is better to use a similar or older one. This will avoid bugs and provide full functionality without restrictions.

Of the functionality, TOZO T12 boasts:

  1. Status sensors inside the case;
  2. Stable touch control;
  3. Active voice prompts;
  4. Support for wireless charging.

Control Type

In general, touch control in TOZO headphones is good, but only in some models can be accidental triggers. In T12 with it, all is good:

  • 1 touch: start the track, pause; accept/reject the incoming call (“L” and “R”);
  • 2 pushes: “L” – previous song, “R” – next;
  • 3 pushes: “L” – activation of the voice assistant function;
  • Press and hold for 2 seconds: end call, “L” – decrease, “R” – add sound volume.


One of the most important parameters is the battery life on a single charge. With TOZO T12, 6 hours of continuous music playback at 60% maximum volume. The result is not impressive, but you can turn down the sound or use one earphone to prolong the life.

Things are better with the charging case – it’s pretty big by TOZO standards, but it will provide another 28 hours of use. This will give you at least 4 full charges and allow you to take the headphones on the road without a power bank.

Overall, the headphones have no power issues – they hold the stated hours and charge within a couple of hours. They also connect easily to PCs and Bluetooth devices, so think again if 6 hours of use on a single charge is enough for you.

TOZO T12 vs. T12 Pro Comparison

It’s hard to imagine this review without comparing TOZO T12 with T12 PRO. So, the first difference is the price: “PRO” are more than one and a half times more expensive but do not rush to take them. But, for the average user, the difference is not so great.

Externally, the models are similar, but the location of microphones is slightly different, and the regular model has a trim near the head that has cut corners, while the “PRO” is smooth. However, visual differences are minimal and hardly worth taking into account.

Please note right away that the T12 PRO has IPX8 protection. Some websites and reviewers incorrectly indicate the value of IPX6, but this is not true. The first advantage of the pro-version is battery life. And if the battery life increased not much from 6 to 9 hours, the case worked well – the value increased from 28 to 160 hours.

The second important difference is the sound quality. Both models have a chic, for their price, 10 mm speakers, but the “PRO” got a wider frequency range from 14 Hz to 20 kHz. Every sound, whether bass, mid-range, or a human voice, is conveyed powerfully and clearly.

And the last two benefits are in modes. The T12 PRO has active noise cancellation and a transparent mode. With them, you can hide from noisy crowds on public transport or downtown and hear everything around you when you need to – crossing the road or working.

8.2Expert Score
The model is interesting and has good moisture protection, modern connection interfaces, decent sound level, and microphone quality. However, the pro-version looks more attractive - active noise cancellation, transparent mode, and a significant increase in battery life are needed for those who will use them daily on the street or during training. However, for home use, the TOZO T12 is quite enough.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 interface
  • IPX8 standard protection
  • 28 hours of use with a case
  • Convenient charge display
  • Stereo speakers
  • No active noise reduction
  • No Transparent Mode
  • 6 hours of battery life

Additional information

Specification: TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds

Full Name

TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds

Model Number



Black, Blue, Red, Rose Gold

Connection Type


Noise Cancelation


Protection Class


Control Type

By touch

Charge Mode

Wireless, wired

Quick Charge

Using a cable with a fast charger

Battery Life

6 hours on a single charge and 28 hours with charging case

Charging Jack

USB Type-C

Case Dimensions

1 x 0.8 x 1 inches


1.83 ounces

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