How Long Do TOZO Earbuds Last

TOZO brand earphones are traditionally known for their excellent quality and affordable price. And the availability of a wide range of models for any task allows you to choose the ideal option for each person. But suppose you can evaluate the earbuds’ functionality, design, or even battery life, at least approximately by the photo and technical characteristics. In that case, answering how long the TOZO earbuds will work is somewhat problematic. Today we will try to tell you about all the critical factors that affect the headphones’ autonomy and service life.

How Long Do TOZO Models Work in Normal Use?

How long do TOZO earphones last on a single charge? It is difficult to give a definite answer because different models have different battery capacities, built-in functions, modes, and speaker sizes, which affect the volume.

However, most new earbuds last over 6 hours on a single charge. The whole time bar depends on the volume and features used, but it’s usually around 10 hours.

Charging cases also vary in capacity, and usually, the earbuds work with them:

  • In the budget models, up to 25 hours;
  • In the middle segment, more than 30 hours;
  • In the premium segment, over 100.

Consider the weather factor: the capacity decreases in the cold and increases in the warm. That’s why it’s better to charge the case at maximum in winter and up to 70-75% in summer.

Popular Models as Examples

how good are tozo earbuds

For better understanding, we have prepared a table review of TOZO earbuds, in which we displayed models from different price segments and with other purposes. So, below are the following:

  1. Budget model for everyday wear TOZO A3;
  2. Gamers TOZO G1;
  3. Cheap and extremely lightweight TOZO A1 Mini;
  4. Novelty earphones with redesigned TOZO Crystal Buds;
  5. Premium TOZO Golden X1;
  6. The high-quality TOZO T12 Pro.

Model Operating time on a single charge, hours With charging case, hours
A3 5 30
G1 6 30
A1 Mini 6 24
Crystal Buds 7.5 30
Golden X1 8 32
TOZO T12 Pro 9 160

The specified values are the maximum for brand-new earbuds when listening at 50% volume. Also, remember that active noise canceling and other functions can drain the battery considerably.

Best Tozo Earbuds Long Battery Life

Now that you know the approximate range of operation on a single charge and with the TOZO earbuds case, we will tell you about the best models in terms of operating time.

In our opinion, the most interesting three in terms of running time from a single charge:

  1. TOZO NC7 (10.5 hours, 32 with case);
  2. TOZO NC9 (10.5 hours, 24 with case);
  3. TOZO T12 Pro (9+ hours, 160 with case).

By case time:

  1. TOZO T12 Pro (160 with case, 9 on a single charge).
  2. NC9 Plus (160 with case, 8 per charge).
  3. TOZO T10 (45 with case, 9+ on one charge).

How Long Does Charging Last

How long it takes to charge TOZO earbuds depends on the battery capacity and the charger’s power. By the way, all new models of the brand support wireless and fast charging. The average charging time:

  • For wireless 2 hours;
  • For fast 5 hours.

We recommend using original TOZO cables and good docking stations.

What Affects Battery Life

how long do tozo earbuds last on a single charge

Two identical TOZO wireless headphones will have different battery life under different settings and operating conditions. So, the main factors that affect battery consumption:

  1. Volume;
  2. Activation of noise cancellation, transparent mode, and use of sound enhancement features;
  3. Ambient temperature – in frost, they drain much faster. Humidity and pressure also matter;
  4. Battery age. Over time, it degrades and cannot hold a charge for long.

In summary, buying earbuds with a long battery life of 8 hours and water protection is better. And depending on the situation, adjust the volume and modes to save energy.

TWS Earphones Lifespan

The battery is a vulnerable point of any electronics. But in the example of TWS earbuds, this is most noticeable. The reason for this is the design features and conditions of use. Let’s consider in detail the main factors that accelerate battery degradation:

  1. Initially, small battery capacity;
  2. Constant charging in the case. You’ve probably heard that batteries are designed for a certain number of charge-discharge cycles. Taking the headphones out of the case, even for a short time, and putting them back in, reduces the number of remaining cycles. And considering that active people can take the earbuds out more than 10 times a day, the number of cycles decreases very rapidly – such active use leads to an average decrease in capacity of up to 20% in six months;
  3. The more functions in the earbuds, the faster they run down. Especially noticeable when using active noise cancellation and sound enhancement modes;
  4. Working in extreme conditions. Wireless earbuds outdoors are exposed to moisture, sun, and low temperatures, which also leads to battery life wear and tear;
  5. Dropping the case and the earbuds themselves can also hurt their lifespan.

Based on the above facts, we can conclude that, on average, the earbuds live 2-3 years. So there is no point in buying too expensive models. We are talking about compact models. If the full-size versions are different – they can last up to 7 years, and there is a sense of overpaying.

Remember that it is not profitable for companies to repair earbuds – too expensive. So count on 2.5 years and use them to the maximum. Yes, careful handling, infrequent use, and avoiding power-consuming functions will extend battery life, but do you need such a device?

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In the article, we analyzed the factors that affected the operating time and tried to answer how good the TOZO earbuds are regarding autonomy. As a result, the brand has a variety of earbuds in its lineup: from the small and inconspicuous TOZO A1 Mini to the premium Golden X1. And the main functions that affect the runtime are the volume of the music and the use of special modes, particularly active noise cancellation.

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