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Fans of the TOZO brand know that the company makes quality things at an affordable price. But the development is a usual process, accompanied by the appearance of more advanced and expensive devices. Today we tell you about the first model of headphones from the new series – TOZO Golden X1 Wireless Earbuds, which are much more costly than their predecessors. Whether it is worth overpaying for the golden letters “TOZO” on the casing or it is a clever marketing ploy, read it below.

Price History



Do you need these headphones? If you’re looking for the top model and like TOZO products, yes. Golden X1 is a no-alternative variant among TOZO models – there is no competitor in price and functionality. But we recommend you to get acquainted with another bestseller – TOZO NC9 Plus Hybrid. They are cheaper, but inferior only in sound quality, and in such points as autonomy and protection, even better than X1.

First Look

Traditionally, this chapter will try to understand for whom TOZO X1 is created. The model presents the X series, which will likely become the company’s premium segment. The earbuds are excellent for various purposes – they have good autonomy, water protection, and noise cancellation. However, for sports, we recommend choosing lighter models like TOZO A1. In conclusion: if you need better sound choose X1 without thinking – other parameters are also high, and the only significant disadvantage is the cost.

tozo golden x1 review


Among TOZO earbuds, there are ordinary and eye-catching models, such as the gaming G1 with an aggressive appearance in the style of Razer. But today’s pair will appeal to fans of luxury style and the Adidas “gold” series. Yes, it’s all about the elegant combination of black and gold colors. We should say that this combination will not appeal to everyone, but there are not so many flashy details here, so the X1 is more likely to emphasize style rather than create a pathos look.

The model’s look resembles Crystal Buds, which had a small projection at the bottom, resembling an ear. As in the case of the previous model, this protrusion does not cause any discomfort. The release date of TOZO X1 on Amazon is January 11, 2023.

The first eye-catching change is the lack of a glossy surface. Previously, the company often made one part matte and the other shiny, giving an exciting look. The new design comprises gray-black textured upper and black lower parts. Both have a noticeable roughness, but this solution has advantages: the surface will stay clean longer, not so collecting greasy fingerprints.

Otherwise, the design is similar to Crystal Buds. On the front side is a large “TOZO” inscription in gold letters. Below is the protruding part where the sensors are located and the inscription “R” or “L” indicating where which headphone is. On the side is a hole for one of the microphone holes. There is nothing remarkable on the back of the headphones – only two gold-plated power contacts. A little to the side and below, where the ear pads are attached to the headphone, there is a gold insert and another microphone.

Charging Case

The charging case is also matte and minimalistic. On the top of the case is a large inscription in gold letters “TOZO”. A LED panel has also been added under the groove to open the lid. The LED panel changes color depending on the charge level, so you don’t have to open the case constantly. But inside the case, a digital display shows the charge from 0 to 100. It is flanked by 4 segment indicators for each earbud, each 25%.

There is no usual technical information – only mentioning that LDAC technology, drivers, and Hi-Res components are used here. By the way, the icons are also made in gold color.

The main change was using gold letters when writing the brand’s name because the same form factor is not new and has already been used in the previous model. The appearance of the external LED panel also pleases, but in the presence of a handy numeric indicator with an accuracy of 1%, it does not look too necessary.


We think that quality headphones are required to have good water protection. The only exceptions are for models you only plan to wear at home. One of the best options among the brand’s products regarding safety and quality is TOZO T12 Pro with IPX8.

Today’s model costs several times more but only has IPX6 protection. In brief, IPX8 allows products to be submerged in water. IPX6 also allows immersion but for a short time. Also, sweat and water jets at all angles and even at high pressure will not damage the earbuds.

In summary, with X1 wireless headphones, you can work out, shower, and even drop them in a puddle – it won’t be a reason for failure. But long-term immersion in water is better avoided.


In terms of form factor, these are standard vacuum earbuds. Not everyone likes this solution, but the interchangeable ear pads allow you to choose the right size and forget the discomfort. To remind you, the company has repeatedly stated that comfort is one of the main reference points in the development. That is why they independently design bodies and silicone earpads, which are made of modern materials and create less pressure on the walls of the ear.

They come with interchangeable ear pads – spend some time and choose your size. So you can wear them longer without discomfort, and the sound quality will improve due to passive noise isolation.

If vacuum earbuds are not for you, consider TOZO A3. It is an affordable model with Bluetooth 5.3 and good sound. The disadvantages are the lack of water protection and low battery.

Package Contents

best tozo earbuds

Not the strongest side of the brand. The package is always the most basic:

  • Earbuds;
  • Charging case;
  • USB Type C charging wire;
  • Six pairs of silicone ear pads in different sizes;
  • User manual.

Important: We recommend you not throw away the manual. There you will find instructions on operating, resetting, and supporting contacts.


The quality of the sound is difficult to evaluate. But having done many reviews on the brand’s headphones, we can safely say – these are the best TOZO headphones. And now, we will prove it with trivial facts.


Let’s start with the size of the driver (sound reproduction device). Golden X1 has a 12mm diameter, Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) – 11mm, and Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro – 10mm. The bigger the driver, the more powerful it is. The result is the ability to reproduce lower frequencies. The company claims it was designed specifically for this model and excels at producing even sounds such as earth trembling.

Wide Frequency Range

Wide frequency range. It is achieved by combining dynamic and armature drivers. As a result, instead of the usual 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz, we get 12 Hz ~ 44.1 kHz. The sound corresponds to the Hi-Res Audio level, meaning that you can distinguish any details when listening to music from quality sources. TOZO claims the X1 can quickly reproduce the trembling of the earth, the sound of drum cymbals, metal guitar playing, and even recreate the ultrasonic sound of dolphins.


ORIGX Pro technology has reached a level that can satisfy audiophiles—incredible clarity and flexibility, so the sound is reproduced according to your preferences.


It uses the LDAC (24 Bit/ 96 KHz Audio Codec) with Bluetooth up to 990 kbps. This is three times faster than conventional Bluetooth SBC – no delays or losses now.

Japan Audio Association Certification

JAS (Japan Audio Association) certification. This is a confirmation of the performance of all of the above. Products receiving JAS certification must meet several parameters, particularly the LDAC codec, the transmission speed of 24 bits/ 96 kHz, and a frequency of 40 GHz.

TOZO Sound

Support for the TOZO app on Android and iOS. Yes, it does not always work correctly and sometimes resets to default settings. But there is support for EarPrint. It allows you to adjust the sound for each ear separately, compensating for each person’s hearing deficiencies. There are also 16 resettable equalizer modes and six noise reduction modes. You can also save your configurations.

When you listen to music on YouTube, you cannot unlock the headphones’ full potential – you need quality sources or tracks in the format of FLAC or other codecs with lossless compression (APE and Wavepack).

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a 3-layer hybrid. Passive sound isolation through the ear pads, combined with sound processing and «cutting off» noise at the input and eliminating unnecessary sounds in the ear canal.

As a result, we have a highly effective noise reduction capable of drowning out human speech and engine noise from cars, trains, and aircraft up to 35 dB. There is protection from wind noise and transparency mode for communication without removing the headphones and safety in the street.

You can use the X1 in leisure mode without music as earplugs for sleep and rest.


This model has six microphones – 3 on each earpiece. They will separate the person’s speech from the noise; the person you are talking to hears you without distortion. Noise-canceling works for calls, too, so it’s perfect for speaking in the office or on the street.

How to Connect TOZO Golden X1 to iPhone or Android

How to Connect TOZO Golden X1 to iPhone or Android

One-step pairing is supported:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on the device;
  • Take the earbuds out of the charging case;
  • Find “TOZO Golden X1” in the available connection.

If one earphone doesn’t work anymore, what should you do?

  1. Put the headphones in the case, turn off and on Bluetooth, and remove the headphones. Sometimes they may not connect – this is normal and occurs on all models.
  2. Charge the headphones. If you often use only one, it may have run out of power while the other is still charged.


A short overview of the TOZO Golden X1 functionality:

  • Full touch control;
  • Use of hybrid noise cancellation;
  • Voice prompts (power on, mode switching);
  • Quick one-step connection due to Bluetooth 5.3;
  • Digital display and external LED panel displays charge;
  • Noise-canceling calls;
  • Multipoint (simultaneous connection to multiple devices);
  • Work independently of each other.

Battery Life

TOZO X1 Wireless Earbuds

When used at 50% of the maximum volume, the X1 works for up to 8 hours on a single charge. With the charging case, battery life increases to 32 hours. The battery capacity is 500 mAh.

Important! If you need to save battery power, we recommend you disable LDAC and ANC and not use Multipoint mode.

The model supports both fast and wireless charging. Wireless requires a charging dock like the TOZO W3 Mini Wireless Charger 10W. How do I know if my TOZO headphones are charged? Look at the LED panel or digital display. Also, the information is displayed on your phone.


All controls are performed by tapping on the touch panel of the headphones:

  • Press 1 time: answer an incoming call (“L” and “R”), start/pause track (“R”), Transparent mode/ANC mode (“L”);
  • Press twice: previous song (“L”), next song (“R”);
  • Press 3 times: Normal mode, ANC Off (“L”), voice assistant (“R”);
  • Hold: Reset/hold call (“L” and “R”), decrease sound (“L”), increase volume (“R”).

Controls are slightly different from what you’re used to on other TOZO models, but this is due to the introduction of new modes.

8.6Expert Score
These headphones have quality sound, noise cancellation, and functionality. Water protection does not allow you to submerge them under water for a long time, but for everyday life, it is enough. The main disadvantage is the starting price, but on marketplaces, they are often sold at a discount of 50%, which makes them one of the most attractive models in their price class.
  • IPX6 water protection
  • Display and LED battery charge indicator
  • TOZO Sound support, JAS certification
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Comfortable fit
  • High starting price
  • Battery life, using ANC and LDAC

Additional information

Specification: TOZO Golden X1 Wireless Earbuds

Control Type

By touch

Charge Mode

Wireless, wired

Quick Charge

Using a cable with a compatible fast charger

Battery Life

8 hours of music playback on a single charge, 32 hours with a charging case

Charging Jack

USB Type-C

Case Dimensions

2.76 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches


6.7 ounces

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