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Doing reviews of the PRO versions of headsets is always interesting, comparing junior and senior models. Especially if there is a big difference in characteristics between them. Today’s review of TOZO T12 Pro wireless earbuds is just like that because the improved version has several significant advantages. Still, we will try to find the disadvantages of the model, if any.

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The usual model had a significant disadvantage – the lack of noise cancellation. In the review of TOZO T12 PRO, we will try to consider all aspects and understand for what purposes these headphones will be the best. Still, one thing is certain – the model is worth attention because it received some serious innovations while maintaining an affordable price.

First Impression

In the review of TOZO T12, we said that the model is larger and heavier than others of the same brand. With the PRO version, the situation has worsened even more, but yes – every extra gram of weight here is justified because it has an incredibly high-capacity battery.

All the previous advantages remained – a serious level of water protection, large 10 mm speakers, and the battery status display. But these features, such as support for Qualcomm CVC 8.0 noise cancellation, call noise cancellation, and incredibly clear sound, can not be adjusted in the official application.

Who these headphones would be good for, and for what purpose – everyone. Sports, public transportation, office work, listening to music, and communicating at home – they can do any of these tasks. However, for gaming, it is better to pay attention to the gaming TOZO G1 because of the low latency. Otherwise, the reviewed model is close to the ideal for its money.


tozo t12 pro wireless earbuds review

TOZO T12 PRO is a modern wireless Bluetooth headphone, and its appearance is appropriate: minimalistic and futuristic. The front side is made of glossy aesthetic plastic. There is also a touch control panel. It is noteworthy that there are no inscriptions on the front of the body, only a LED battery status sensor. Depending on the level of charge, it can be red or blue. The elegant cut edges are carried over from the younger model and still look just as stylish.

The back part is made of matte plastic. There are three gold-colored charging contacts, the inscription “TOZO” and the letters “R” and “L” on the right and left earpiece, respectively.

The charging case is high-quality and pleasant to the touch. At the top is placed the inscription “TOZO” in large letters. Under the slot for opening the cover, there is a status LED – that lights up when opening and charging. Inside the matte plastic, the recesses for the headphones stand out beautifully against their glossy surface—special attention to the convenient digital charge indicator of the case. There is also an indication of the charge of each headphone, but it is segmented. The back side of the cover is covered with technical information and some model characteristics.

The model is available in the official store and marketplaces in one color – black, but maybe new colors will appear later.

Two connectors, USB Type-C and USB 2.0 Emergency Charge, are in the center, under the finger slot and status indicator. The case is also IPX8 waterproof, so the charging port is covered with a special plug.


Wireless headphones tend to fall out, and since nothing holds them in place, they fall on the ground, with dirt, water, and other unfriendly surfaces for electronics. Fortunately, this model can withstand almost any test of water. Standard IPX8 flawlessly protects the device from water and sweat in all its forms: rain, streams of water at different angles, and even a full immersion can not disable them. With the caveat that the immersion depth is up to 1m and the duration of the test is less than 30 minutes.

Such protection makes the model ideal for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, as moisture is no longer a threat. However, we advise wiping them after contact with water and avoiding such situations.


tozo t12 pro wireless earbuds bluetooth headphones

Some of the company’s smallest and most comfortable earbuds are the TOZO A1 Mini – they are designed for people with small ears but have no protection against water. The TOZO T12 Pro is bigger, much better protected, and more expensive. At the same time, they still fit well in your ears without causing rapid fatigue – it’s all about the innovative silicone ear cushions with reduced pressure on the ear canal.

The head of the earphones has an anatomic shape similar to other TOZO models. This is not strange – the company was working on developing a comfortable form because they were unsatisfied with the current results.

The result of TOZO engineers’ work is a comfortable shape and secure fixation, which allows using the model during active pastime.

There are different ear cushions in the set. Try them on and choose your size. It will improve the fixation and passive noise cancellation and correct acoustics.

Package Contents

The standard package includes the following:

  • Instruction manual with information on how to reset the T12 PRO and help with controls;
  • Two headphones;
  • Charging case;
  • USB Type-C charging cable;
  • Case with interchangeable ear cushions.


The sound of the model is all good. Qualcomm QCC3040 chip provides the headphones support with the following technologies:

  • CVC 8.0 software noise reduction;
  • DSP noise reduction, generating sound waves equal to ambient noise – anti-noise;
  • APTX Stereo sound, perfectly transmitting both high and low frequencies.

Many TOZO earbuds have good midrange frequencies, but there is a slump in the extreme ranges. The T12 PRO, the balance is as perfect as it can be for this price category. The powerful Qualcomm chip and large 10mm drivers provide excellent crisp sound throughout the range and do a good job of filtering out unnecessary noise.

This model will be a good budget headphone option even for home use – you can enjoy them, even concentrating on the sound of the tracks.

The only drawback is that the official TOZO Sound app for T12 PRO is unavailable. But it’s far from perfect, and using a third-party equalizer program is better if you’re not satisfied with the stock sound.


TOZO T12 PRO headphones have noise cancellation and 4 microphones at once. As a result, the recording quality is solid, and the sound loss is minimal – the neighbors will not be disturbed by the headphones’ noise. But, yes, the voice can be changed and deprived of emotion if you use the headset in a noisy place, especially with engine sounds – near a busy road, with many machines.

The model is good for calls, but the NC7s, which are designed for rings, have more microphones – 6 vs. 4, so for conversations, it is better to look at them. However, the T12 PRO can be recommended to buy both for conversations with friends outside and at work – the battery charge should be enough for a working day, and there is no sound loss thanks to the ear cushions.


How do you connect the TOZO T12 PRO headphones to any Windows, iOS, and Android device? It’s easy because the model uses a one-step pairing function:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your device;
  2. Take the headphones out of the case;
  3. Find “TOZO-T12 PRO” in the list of active devices.

The headphones will always connect to this device as soon as they leave the case. To reconnect, repeat the procedure with other Bluetooth devices.


how to pair tozo t12 pro earbuds

The following functional solutions represent distinctive features of the model:

  • Touch control, touch sensors;
  • Availability of voice prompts;
  • Supports wireless and fast charging;
  • Noise-canceling microphones;
  • Software noise cancellation CVC 8.0;
  • APTX Stereo support;
  • One-step pairing;
  • Digital display of case charge level.


Control by tapping:

  • 1 time: start/pause, accept/reject the incoming call (“L” and “R”);
  • 2 times: flip forward “R” and backward “L” tracks from the playlist;
  • 3 times: activate the voice assistant function (“L” and “R”);
  • Hold: end conversation, adjust sound level down “L” and up “R”.

Battery and Operating Time

One of the main advantages of this model is its battery life. If the headphones can work on one charge for up to 9 hours (50% volume), with the case this value increases to 160 hours, which makes TOZO T12 PRO practically the only alternative in this price category.

Of course, the real tests showed slightly different results – about 8 hours of battery life and up to 150 hours with the case, but this is still an impressive result.

The model also supports fast (only with the appropriate charger) and wireless charging, such as with a charger like the TOZO W3 Mini Wireless Charger 10W.

You can use the case to charge other devices, including your phone. In addition, there is a USB 2.0 connector where you can plug in the cable and use the case as a power bank.

8.9Expert Score
The wireless TOZO T12 PRO is one of the best earbuds for its price and has virtually no flaws. At the same time, in addition to high-quality microphones and sound, they boast several unique features, such as the ability to use the case as a battery, impressive autonomy, and moisture protection. This set of features allows you to use them for any purpose: as a home headset, for travel, sports, or work - the only exception is games, for which it is better to look for a model with lower latency.
  • IPX8 moisture protection
  • APTX Stereo sound
  • Software noise reduction CVC 8.0;
  • Noise-canceling microphones
  • 160 hours of use with case
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • No headphone search function
  • No TOZO Sound support

Additional information

Specification: TOZO T12 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Full Name

TOZO T12 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Model Number

T12 Pro



Connection Type


Noise Cancelation

Software, Qualcomm CVC 8.0

Protection Class


Control Type

By touch

Charge Mode

Wireless, wired

Quick Charge

Using a cable with a compatible fast charger

Battery Life

Up to 9 hours of audio playback on a single charge and an additional 160 hours of audio playback with the charging case

Charging Jack

USB Type-C

Case Dimensions

3.78 x 3.78 x 1.73 inches


6.7 ounces

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