How to Stop TOZO Earbuds From Falling Out of Ear

TOZO earbud owners know the brand produces high-quality yet inexpensive wireless headphones that deliver excellent sound while fitting comfortably in ears during regular use. Comfort is one of the primary goals in developing new materials to create housing and ear pads with almost no noticeable ...

Why Are My TOZO Earbuds Not Connecting

A wireless headset is an indispensable gadget today. Communicating, working, gaming - they can be used in almost any area of life, even playing sports. But their main advantage - the absence of wires - can sometimes be a significant disadvantage. Yes, we know about the situation when there are ...

TOZO Products

The American brand TOZO has gained popularity all over the world. The company produces many gadgets: earbuds, external batteries, smartwatches, and wireless charging stations. TOZO products are extensive and contain devices from different categories, so users want to know more about what they can ...

How to Find Lost TOZO Earbuds

TOZO products today have a good balance between price and quality. The company's headphones have a stylish, ergonomic design and high sound quality. But no matter how protected and high quality they are, it does not protect them from loss. There is no need to panic because there are several ways to ...

TOZO Earbuds APP (TOZO Sound)

TOZO Bluetooth earbuds connect to your smartphone without any problems. Synchronization is done directly in the interface of the phone. Therefore, there is no need to use third-party software. Nevertheless, the developers released a special application TOZO Earbuds APP (TOZO Sound), which should ...

Why Is Only One of My TOZO Earbuds Working

Wireless headphones quickly became a bestseller, as their only significant disadvantage is their autonomy. And comfort and convenience quickly eclipse the slightly inflated cost compared to wired models. But the issue of breakages became more complex in wired versions. The vulnerable point was the ...

TOZO Earbuds FAQ

TOZO earbuds remain one of the most popular earmolds on the technology market. Even though the rules of operation are quite simple, users still have questions and difficulties connecting the headset, charging, and listening to music. We've compiled TOZO FAQ into one article so readers can quickly ...

Tozo Wireless Earbuds