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The American company TOZO is popular in many countries around the world. Users love the brand because of the low price and excellent quality products. But what to do if a purchased gadget does not work correctly or there are additional questions concerning device purchase, service, and operation? TOZO support customer service will help. This article will tell you how to contact the company’s representatives, how long to wait for an answer, and what difficulties can arise during the treatment process.

Does TOZO Have a Support Department?

Every popular company has a department with a support service. This is especially true for brands that produce electronics using the device, and unexpected situations can arise. For example, the smartwatch does not work, or the smartphone stops charging from the external battery.

Often trouble occurs with TWS headsets – the earmolds sound separate, do not connect to the smartphone, and there is frequent desynchronization. Most problems can be solved by performing a factory reset and reconnecting earbuds to the phone. But sometimes you need the help of a specialist or warranty repair/return of the gadget. In such cases, you can’t do without the TOZO support department.

The manufacturer’s official website has instructions for using the headphones, smartwatches, and docking stations. After reading them, you can configure the smart accessory by yourself. Common questions and answers are also published. Before you contact TOZO, review the list of questions. You may already have the answer.

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TOZO Crystal Buds
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How to Contact TOZO Support

TOZO Customer Service

There are several ways to contact TOZO customer service.

Phone Number

TOZO’s phone number is +1 (800) 282 9088 (United States). Call this number if you are in the United States. Calling from other countries is not recommended because your cell phone carrier may charge high roaming fees. Service is in English. The hotline is open Monday through Friday (9 AM – 5 PM).

If you call, you must wait a few minutes to be connected to an operator. Call back later if the wait is long or the line is busy. Serious issues, such as repairing or returning the device under warranty, may not be discussed over the phone. Instead, the user needs to report his problem to the operator, and a few days later, an answer from the specialists will come by email. Less important issues are much quicker to resolve over the phone.

Email Address

A universal option is to write to the email address of the support service. This way, you can contact the company from any country. The official email is [email protected]. When writing the message, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Write the appeal in English.
  2. Write a detailed question in your letter.
  3. If you want to know about the warranty, include personal information and a product photo.
  4. Do not send the message again if you do not receive an answer within a few days. The treatment of an inquiry varies from 2 to 14 days.
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TOZO T6 True Wireless
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Official Pages on Social Networks

TOZO has official accounts on several social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They publish up-to-date information about new products and other important events concerning the brand and its products. You will immediately find yourself on the official pages by clicking on the above links.

Online Chat

You can also leave an appeal on the official website Swiping down the page, in the bottom right corner, you will see a blue circle that says, Chat with us.

  1. Select a TOZO support section in the chat, such as Earbuds or Chargers.
  2. Next, a list of the major problems users are experiencing will appear.
  3. If the bot’s answer didn’t help solve the problem – ask for a connection to the operator and enter your email address.

Is There a Product Warranty?

Every TOZO device comes with an official warranty. In addition, you can return the gadget within 30 days after purchase for any reason – not necessarily that the smart accessory is damaged.

After this period, the warranty remains valid for one year, but it is subject to other rules. For example, the product must have a factory defect, and only then a refund, repair, or exchange for another copy is possible. The company would deny warranty service if the breakdown occurred at the user’s fault.

Important! The warranty covers products purchased at the official TOZO website or online stores that are partners of the brand. The company would not provide warranty service if the gadget were purchased from unauthorized sellers.

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TOZO A3 Wireless Earbuds
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Applying for Warranty Service

There is a separate page on the site where you can submit a request for warranty service – repair, replacement, or refund. Provide the following information:

  1. Email address.
  2. Your buyer’s name.
  3. Items purchased.
  4. Serial number.
  5. Description of the problem encountered.

You should also attach proof of purchase (check, original packaging) or a photo of the device itself.

The turnaround time for a warranty claim is usually one to two weeks.


Can I get my TOZO device repaired under warranty if I bought it on Amazon?

It depends on the specific country. In most cases, there is a warranty.

What should I do if the company does not respond by email?

Wait up to two weeks and resend the message. You can also try another way to contact them – through social media, chat, or phone.

Are there authorized TOZO service centers?

Yes, there are in the US. You can go there if you need your device repaired. Warranty service is also available there.

We’ve told you how to contact TOZO customer service and the official contacts for that. We hope that you can get a quick answer to your question or solve some problems.

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