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TOZO earbuds remain one of the most popular earmolds on the technology market. Even though the rules of operation are quite simple, users still have questions and difficulties connecting the headset, charging, and listening to music. We’ve compiled TOZO FAQ into one article so readers can quickly find the right answer and cope with the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most popular questions about TOZO TWS earbuds and our detailed answers.

Does TOZO have an official app?

Yes, the company has released such an app. On Google Play and the App Store, the app is called TOZO Sound. The app is available for the T6S, T10S, NC2 Pro, NC7 Pro, NC9 Pro, and NC9 Pro Max.

The program displays the charge of each earpiece and allows you to select a sound effect and adjust the sound with the equalizer. You can change the controls: for example, one click on the earpiece button will activate the next audio, and a double click will activate noise reduction or pause the tune.

Can I shower with TOZO earbuds?

It depends on the specific model. The headset must be IPX5 or higher. Many TOZO earpieces come with an IPX8 rating. If the waterproof rating is IPX4 or lower, you cannot shower with the headphones.

How do I reset my headphones to factory defaults?

Break the pairing with your device. Go to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop settings, and under Bluetooth, select Forget device.

Remove the gadget from the case and hold the operation panels for 3-5 seconds until the red lights turn on. The headset will turn off. Press the earmold buttons for 5-10 seconds. You should see a blue-red light. Now proceed to re-sync.

Why do wireless headphones have poor battery life?

This is normal when the device has been used for a year or more. The battery wears out and starts to lose its charge. If you have recently purchased earmolds, but they drain quickly, try reducing the load by turning down the noise reduction and backlighting, lowering the volume level, and reducing the time of use.

Why can't I answer the call through my earbuds?

To accept an incoming call, press the button on one of the earmolds. If the call is not accepted, check in the TOZO app which command is assigned to the key. If this is a system failure, return the headset to its factory state and reconnect.

What should I do if I can't connect my headphones to my PC?

Make sure that your computer is equipped with Bluetooth. If there is no built-in Bluetooth, purchase a third-party adapter that works through the USB port. Another important consideration is drivers. If they are not installed automatically, you must download them yourself.

How do I find my lost TOZO earbuds?

It is problematic to do this software way – this functionality is missing from the official utility. You can use any third-party application that searches for Bluetooth devices by signal strength, but often such applications do not work correctly.

Earphones are plugged in, but there is no sound.

Check that no other headphones are connected to the device. Synchronize the earbuds with another phone or laptop to make sure they work. Reset the headset to factory settings – this will correct a possible system failure. If the sound does not appear, it is most likely due to a mechanical failure. Contact a service center to solve the problem.

Why does only one earpiece work?

Most likely, the cause is desynchronization. Sometimes only one earpiece connects to your smartphone, while the other remains inactive. You need to break the connection, reset the headset to factory settings, and try to connect again. The second possible reason is a broken earpiece. In this case, the problem will be fixed by the technician.

How do I know when my case is fully charged?

You can tell by the LEDs lighting up. Four LEDs should light up on the case. This indicates a charge level between 75 and 100%.

Can I recharge my wireless headphones?

You must wait for the current charge to run out or put the device on a recharge. One full charge of the case is enough for two or three charges of earmolds.

How long will TOZO headphones last?

It depends on the quality of the device and the frequency of use. When used with care, the headset will average up to 3 years. But after one year of use, you may need to replace the battery.

Can sweat ruin headphones?

Not if the headset is waterproof. Models designed specifically for sports have a higher degree of water resistance. The suitable protection class is IPX3 and above.

Can earphones overheat and explode?

There is such a possibility, but it is very small. It is the battery that explodes in the liners. This happens because of severe overheating, wear and tear, or defective battery. All headsets are equipped with safety elements, thanks to which the gadget shuts off when it overheats too much. But sometimes the controller does not work, and in rare cases, the headphones catch fire.

Why do my ears burn after using earbuds?

This is due to improperly shaped ear cushions or improperly sized ear cushions. We recommend choosing ear cushions that will not cause discomfort and reduce the time you use your headset. If the discomfort persists, see an otolaryngologist.

Is it safe to sleep with earbuds in my ears?

Sleeping with headphones on is not allowed. It can cause irritation, redness, pain, and swelling in the ear canal, as well as hearing loss. Be sure to take the earmolds off before you go to sleep and try to use them for no more than 2 hours a day.

Do earmuffs increase the amount of earwax?

Yes. This is because the body perceives headphones as a foreign object, and increased earwax production begins to push the unwanted object out. Earmolds also interfere with the natural removal of wax because they create a barrier in the ear canal. This is especially true for intracanal models inserted quite deeply into the ear. The problem can be solved by following good personal hygiene practices and reducing the time you use your headset.

How do I clean my headphones, and should I do it?

For daily use, it is recommended to clean the headphones once a week. The cleaning procedure is quick and easy. With a toothpick, you can get rid of visible dirt (earwax residue, dust, and small foreign objects).

Next, remove the mesh and silicone pads and wipe the structure with a cotton swab or cloth soaked in a gentle soap solution. Wipe the headphones dry or dry them under a hair dryer on low power.

Which earbud model is better: in-ear or in-canal?

The sound is better in the in-canal models, as they fit deeper into the ear canal, thus providing better sound quality and noise cancellation. But in-canal headphones can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear. The sound and noise isolation in the earmolds is worse, but there is no discomfort when you wear them.

Can I turn off the headset completely?

Yes. The headphones automatically turn off when you place them in the case and close the lid. On some TOZO models, you must hold down the control buttons on the earpiece for 5 seconds, and if you do not pair or start playing music within the next 5 minutes, the device will turn off.

Do headphones make my hearing impaired?

Yes, especially from earmolds. Doctors recommend using headphones no longer than 1.5 hours a day at 50-60% volume. A volume level higher than 70% can significantly impair hearing.

Why are TOZO earbuds not turning on?

After removing the headset from the case, press the control buttons for 3 seconds. The device should turn on. If it does not, try a factory reset. If the headset still doesn’t turn on – contact the service center.

How to connect TOZO to multiple devices at the same time?

There is no such option. Sound can only be played from one device. You will not be able to synchronize your gadget with multiple devices simultaneously.

Do TOZO earbuds connect to PlayStation game consoles?

You cannot connect the TOZO or Bluetooth headset to your PlayStation. Only Sony’s dedicated gamer headphones can connect to gaming consoles.

What do I do if earmolds fall out of my ears?

Choose the right size and shape of ear cushions. Almost all TOZO headphones come with several pairs of interchangeable ear cushions. If you still can’t find the right fit, buy silicone ear cushions from third-party manufacturers.

How often do I need to charge my headphones?

The battery life varies and depends on the specific model. On average, it is 3-4 hours of continuous use.

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    Nathaniel Napolitano March 2, 2024 at 8:51 pm

    Earbuds turning on and off repeatedly when plugged into case. Only stops when I have the case connected to a charger. Is it because the case is low battery so it’s turning the earbuds on and off or is it an internal issue?

  3. Where can I replace one missing Tozo T12

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