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We present a review of wireless headphones TOZO T6 – a model without noise cancellation and modern features like optical sensors. But you can’t call them super budget either – the brand has cheaper earbuds. So today, we try to understand what is special about this model, how it differs from its competitors, and whether it makes sense to buy it, considering its cost and features.

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Are TOZO T6 earbuds good? Our review will help you decide on the answer. The headphones are worth attending to, but they will not suit everyone – even TOZO models have competition in this price range. So let’s consider the model’s strengths and weaknesses to understand what they will do.

First Look

Let’s review TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds with a quick look. The model received good protection against moisture and was compact. Moreover, the connection is stable, thanks to the modern Bluetooth 5.3, and the battery capacity, although it does not hold for 8 hours, for its form factor is decent. However, the main problems of T6 are the microphone’s quality and the lack of active noise cancellation.

If you are looking for a model for calls with noise cancellation, look at the NC7. But if you want comfortable headphones for jogging in any weather, the T6 is perfect – they’re small and can withstand direct contact with water.


tozo t6 true wireless earbuds review

This model is in-ear headphones or vacuum plugs. Knowing that, you can immediately understand what they will look like and that they have a secure fit.

The model is presented in many variations – TOZO has no problems with the color range: red, white, blue, black, green, pink, and beige. However, in our opinion, the model is best represented in the classic colors: black and white. The others are faded shades, which is indicated by the description – beige is Champagne, and pink is Rose Gold. In NC2, all colors were bright and saturated and looked good – here, the colors are discreet and boring, but this is a matter of taste. On the plus side, the silicone ear cushions match the color of the case.

The design of the model is extremely simple, even minimalistic. On the front side is a LED indicator, and under it is a microphone hole. The touchpad on the front side is made of glossy plastic, and the inside the matte.

There are a few elements on the back side: the inscription “TOZO” and two gold-plated contacts for charging. Between the inscription and the contacts, there is a letter indicating what kind of headphone is in front of you: left or right.

An unexpected decision to make a vertical charging case for earbuds – they don’t have a foot, so usually, companies make elongated compact cases. The case itself looks discreet. There is not even the usual inscription “TOZO” on the cover.

Above the four white LED charge indicators is a slot for your finger – you can open the case with one hand, and it’s convenient. The inside of the case is matte, but the headphone jacks are glossy. No inscriptions or technical information inside – only letters show where the left and right slots are. That’s all there is to say about the case except that it is waterproof. Yes, even the charging connector at the bottom has a special rubber plug.


The main feature of the TOZO T6 is its waterproof IPX8 housing, which has passed water immersion tests. This standard allows you to drop the headphones in a pot of water if you decide to do a personal test or in a puddle, take them out, shake them off, and continue using them. Of course, the case is waterproof, too.

The IPX8 standard allows you to use the earbuds in the rain, take a shower, and even allow total immersion in water for up to 30 minutes. Of course, it’s best to avoid such situations and, if they occur, to wipe the case thoroughly. This is especially true for saltwater – after “bathing” the T6 in the sea, you need to rinse them with fresh water and dry them.

If you think you don’t need this level of protection, consider the TOZO A1 Mini – it’s also very compact and comfortable and has IPX5 waterproofing, but it costs half the price.


are tozo t6 earbuds good

Let’s find out how to wear the TOZO earbuds so they don’t fall out, just like the girl dancer from the promo video. The set comes with interchangeable ear cushions, and we recommend you take time and find your size.

The body of the headphones was carefully thought out by the company’s engineers and had an anatomic shape, but for extra fixation, you need to choose the right size of ear pads. Also, they are made of modern material that reduces pressure on the ear canal and, consequently, remains unnoticeable in the ear longer, increasing the time of comfortable use.

Silicone earcups do a good job and reduce sound by up to 90%. This does not compare to active noise cancellation, but the model shows good results compared to competitors.

Package Contents

These headphones are made in a minimalist style, so do not expect something unique in the package – the set is standard: a manual T6, two earpieces, a charging case, a box with five pairs of replacement ear cushions of different sizes, and a Micro USB charging cable.


The sound of TOZO T6 is not bad. There is a well-defined middle. It is a bit worse with the bass. Sometimes there is too much of it. However, the fans of hip-hop will probably appreciate it. But the high frequencies do not please – against the general background, they sag. Some elements of vocals and instruments sound too bright and piercing, standing out from the overall picture. This is especially noticeable in the sound of cymbals – the sound can become piercing.

The official application is not supported, so you must look for a third-party program to correct the sound in the equalizer. If you evaluate the sound, in general, the tracks sound good, the sounds do not pile on top of each other. But at certain moments, you can hear the problems described above – however, if you take the model for running, you are unlikely to focus on such little things.

Instructions for adjusting the volume can be found in the manual or our “Controls” section below – touch and hold the left touch sensor for 2 seconds to decrease and the right one to increase the sound.

And a little about noise cancellation – it is passive, represented by the already mentioned silicone ear cushions. But, of course, for quality noise absorption, you should choose your size.

You can use these headphones to work in the office – they are a well-dampened sound and will not interfere with the surrounding people.


Let’s start with a good thing: The microphone is good here. Your voice is recorded, loud, and articulate, but a little emotion is lost. But if you register your voice in a noisy environment, the noise processing algorithms will fail: the person you are talking to will hear other people’s voices, car noise, and airport announcements. However, your voice will still be heard, though less clearly.

As a result: the interlocutors will hear you practically in any situation, but the sound quality will directly depend on the noise around – if the processing algorithms handle voices well, then they have no chance with engine noise.


how to pair tozo t6 true wireless earbuds

How do I connect the TOZO T6 wireless earbuds? Using the one-step pairing feature is simple:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on any supported Android, Windows, or iOS device;
  • Take the headphones out of the charging case;
  • Select the device named “TOZO-T6” from the list and press “Connect”.

What should I do if only one earphone works? This sometimes happens with any headphones. It is enough to return them to the case and repeat the pairing procedure described above. If that doesn’t work, open the “Reset” section in the manual and reset the settings.


The model has such useful features:

  • Touch control;
  • Passive noise isolation;
  • Voice prompts;
  • One-step pairing using Bluetooth 5.3 wireless interface with HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP technology.

The headphones do not boast any serious features – if you want quality headphones with impressive functionality, consider the model TOZO G1, which has low latency and is designed for gaming.

You can’t update the firmware of T6 using the official TOZO app for Android and iOS – it does not support this model.


All headphones can be controlled without the phone using combinations of taps. The touch sensor works well, and its use does not cause any questions. Instructions:

  • Press: start/pause, answer/end conversation (“L” and “R”);
  • Press 2 times: “L” for the preceding song, “R” for the next song;
  • Press 3 times: “R” – activation of the voice assistant function;
  • Press and hold for 2 seconds: end conversation, “L” – decrease, “R” – add sound volume.

Earbuds Battery Life

The time you can use the earbuds without recharging only seems to be an unimportant parameter – in practice, even if you have enough for a day, you certainly do not want to charge them regularly.

In the case of the reviewed model, all is good and bad at the same time: the manufacturer did not lie, and the battery life of T6 is 6 hours (real tests showed the result of 5.5 hours), but this is not enough in today’s world.

The discrepancy stands out more noticeably with the charging case: about 27 hours of operation against the claimed 30 (4 full charges). You can’t call these points significant, but they are there. Besides, the manufacturer has not provided the model with additional functions, such as saving the charge or listening to audio during charging.

But the main disappointment is the lack of a USB Type-C interface – yes, the model uses the ancient MicroUSB port, so you will have to carry with you a charging cable. But there is support for fast charging – less than 55 minutes and wireless charging up to 2 hours. Unfortunately, the wireless device, like the power supply, is not included – look out for the TOZO W3 Mini Wireless Charger 10W.

7.8Expert Score
In the end, we have extremely comfortable and reliable headphones for sports with good moisture and sweat protection. However, in other aspects, starting from autonomy and ending with the lack of noise cancellation and even a USB Type-C port, the model is disappointing because the same TOZO has much more interesting models in this price segment.
  • IPX8 moisture protection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Compact
  • No sound leakage
  • Good midrange
  • Charging interface MicroUSB
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Microphone quality

Additional information

Specification: TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds

Full Name

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds

Model Number



Blue, Black, Green, White, Rose

Connection Type


Noise Cancelation


Protection Class


Control Type

By touch

Charge Mode

Wireless, wired

Quick Charge

Using a cable with a compatible fast charger

Battery Life

6 hours on a single charge + 30 hours with charging case

Charging Jack


Case Dimensions

0.59 x 0.79 x 0.5 inches


0.16 ounces

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